** BOYCOTT ** Disability Network Capital Area 40th Anniversary: A Celebration of Sheltered Work

** BOYCOTT ** Disability Network Capital Area’s 40th Anniversary Celebration is sponsored by Peckham, Inc. – a sheltered workshop. Duncan Wyeth, who is scheduled to speak, is the President of Peckham.

The Advocacy Awardee is the Transitions Coordinator at the Ingham Intermediate School District, which facilitates the school-to-sheltered-work pipeline by funneling students with disabilities directly into Peckham’s sheltered workshops. Who else spent their career at the Ingham ISD? Peckham CEO Mitch Tomlinson’s wife. That is not the type of “advocacy” CILs are normally in the business of awarding and it demonstrates very clearly to the disability community that Lansing’s CIL is not consumer controlled.

Ellen Weaver, who is also scheduled to speak, has a long history of opposing consumer-driven advocacy and directly conspired on behalf of Disability Network Capital Area violate the First Amendment rights of Michiganders with disabilities on September 17, 2015.

Michigan’s disability community stands firmly against the unnatural and disgusting alliance between Disability Network Capital Area (formerly known as CACIL) and Peckham, Inc. Centers for Independent Living do not support sheltered work, which violates the ADA.

We must put Michigan’s CILs back in the hands of the disability community. Michigan’s Centers for Independent Living are not for sale. Disability Network Capital Area must cease participation in the school-to-sheltered-work pipeline immediately.


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