Action Alert: Ask Your CIL and SILC to End Support of Subminimum Wages in Michigan

Is your Center for Independent Living a member of the Michigan Association of Rehabilitation Organizations? If so, please urge them to act now to help end the dehumanizing and discriminatory practice of subminimum wages for people with disabilities in Michigan by ending their membership in MARO. MARO is an association that actively lobbies in support of subminimum wages in our communities. CILs and SILCs are funded by taxpayer dollars. IL money should not be financially supporting businesses that profit by oppressing our community!

  • Disability Network of West Michigan (Muskegon):
  • Michigan Statewide Independent Living Council:
  • Disability Network/Michigan (Statewide IL Association):
  • Disability Network of Mid Michigan (Midland):
  • Disability Network of Northern Michigan (Traverse City):
  • CACIL (Lansing):
  • Disability Network Wayne County/Detroit (Detroit):

One thought on “Action Alert: Ask Your CIL and SILC to End Support of Subminimum Wages in Michigan

  1. The SILC Chair said it is her philosophy to promote change by partnering with entities like MARO, Peckham, MRS; and that strategy might work but I can see no evidence of change or even planned advocacy.with a goal of change. Abolitionist weren’t looking for a war, but the self-interest of slave-holders made a civil war inevitable. We have no wish to fight with our brothers and sisters in the CILs, but justice can not be denied. Devaluing workers with sever disabilities results in all workers with disabilities diminished, unemployed and underemployed. It is shocking and obscene to have our SILC and CIL defend the members of MARO.


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