Illegal Actions Taken by the Disability Network West Michigan Board of Directors (In 2015 Alone)

The six remaining members of the Disability Network West Michigan (Muskegon CIL) Board of Directors have violated their fiduciary duties, their state contract, and state and federal law in the following ways:

  • Refusal to provide 2014 990 (IRS Form for non-profits)
  • Refusal to provide original application for tax exempt status
  • Refusal to provide accurate and honest list of Board members
  • Refusal to comply with Michigan’s Open Meetings Act (Sunshine Law)
  • Refusal to acknowledge obligation under FIOA (despite 98% public funding)

Doctor LOL Cat Says I'm Afraid Its Ableism and Advocacy Is the Only CureWillful misconduct is any action undertaken by a non-profit’s Board after it has been informed that it is operating outside its own bylaws. Disability Network West Michigan:

  • Is operating with less than the required number of Board members (6/9)
  • Does not have the required number of people with significant disabilities on their Board (3/9)
  • Does not have a Board that is cross-disability or community-based, as required by the Rehabilitation Act
  • Does not properly train staff and Board members in Independent Living
  • Does not hold Board meetings that are “generally open to the public” as required by their state contract

Disability Network West Michigan cannot legally sign contracts while in violation of its own bylaws, nor is willful misconduct covered by standard Directors & Officers Liability Insurance.

We ask that supporters of disability rights in Muskegon withhold support to this organization until the Board sees fit to follow the law, reengages the disability community, and commits to building a real Center for Independent Living in Muskegon. 

Disability Network West Michigan’s 6 remaining Board members – take action!

  • Tamera Collier (Executive Director)
  • John Wahlberg (Board Member)
  • Frank Hollister (Board Member)
  • Renica Minott (Board Member)
  • Jan Thom (Board Member)
  • Mike Hamm (Board Member)
  • Tracy Knight (Board Member)
  • Sandy Baker (Board Member)
  • Joe Doyle (Board Member)

One thought on “Illegal Actions Taken by the Disability Network West Michigan Board of Directors (In 2015 Alone)

  1. Early disability advocates thought that passing laws would change they way people with disabilities are treated, and they fought to pass laws setting standards of equal access and independence for their people. They envisioned CILs lead by people with substantial disabilities as community-based ‘enforcers.’ The CILs know disability rights law and they are the people who the law is designed to protect from discrimination.
    How did my CIL become my adversary? When did they stop being leaders in the disability community? How did a RIGHTS advocate become a rights VIOLATOR?


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