Demario Phillips: Nominee for the Board of Disability Network West Michigan

There are currently seven (!) open Board positions at Disability Network West Michigan. Meet Demario Philips, who has officially applied to serve on the Board. We strongly encourage Disability Network to appoint Demario immediately!

Demario L PhillipsDisability Network West Michigan: Greetings to All

I feel that if I was appointed to the board of directors for  Disability Network West Michigan, I would bring an open mind and a fierce dedication to the agency. I have learned in my role on other boards and committees to be impartial and listen to all sides of the topics at hand and have learned to make unbiased decisions for the good of the agency involved. My past experiences help to enable me to make Disability Network West Michigan stronger and open to new ideas. 

I have strong beliefs in overcoming my own disabilities and trying to enable others in overcoming their disabilities. I was born premature and have been diagnosed with cognitive delay and mild retardation all my childhood years and as I approached adulthood I have been diagnosed with a Mental Disorder. Each day I struggle to keep a positive attitude, overcoming barriers in everyday life. I feel opportunities, and knowledge of supports can be a large advantage to assist anyone with disabilities in overcoming these barriers. Some of my objectives that I would like to be able to bring to the table are creating ideas for different policies for fair treatment of all regardless of disability, age, sex, religion, beliefs, etc. I would like to see more community involvement of consumers with disabilities. I would like to increase or develop new relations with the community to strengthen the agency’s ability to assist with jobs, housing and nursing. I would like to encourage the entire board to review and even maybe revamp policies to help the agency move forward for better future goals and objectives.

I am very interested in becoming a positive influence and asset to the board; I have a sincere interest in what Disability Network West Michigan has to offer to all  consumers and staff. I recently was President of the residential council board. I have served on the Consumer voice committee / program. I will serve as a board member of the McLaughlin Neighborhood Association, also a member of the Michigan Democratic Party. I have run for Muskegon Public School Board and for Muskegon Community College Board of Trustees. While I was not elected, I remain positive and continue to better our community.

Thank you.

Demario L. Phillips


One thought on “Demario Phillips: Nominee for the Board of Disability Network West Michigan

  1. Way to go Demario! We need your knowledge and experience to advance the mission of the CIL. Thank you for disability pride.


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