Petition to Disability Network West Michigan

Disability Network West Michigan (Muskegon CIL): Follow the Law – Implement Consumer Control Now!

Centers for Independent Living are the only organization required by law to be staffed and led by people with significant disabilities. The Muskegon CIL does not employ people with significant disabilities on their staff and Board, and is therefore unable to represent our interests. Muskegon desperately needs a functioning Center for Independent Living so that we can have equal education and employment, accessible housing, increased control over our healthcare decisions, and – most importantly – an organization that is truly ours.

We cannot tolerate another decade of the voice of the disability community being sidelined and silenced. DNWM Board of Directors, take action – hire people with significant disabilities to staff and lead the CIL now!

Please sign this petition to help Muskegon’s disability community regain control of our greatest potential asset so that we can create an accessible and inclusive future for all.

>> Sign the Petition!

To Disability Network West Michigan (formerly Disability Connection West Michigan) Board of Directors:

  • Tamera Collier (Executive Director)
  • John Wahlberg (Board Member)
  • Frank Hollister (Board Member)
  • Renica Minott (Board Member)
  • Jan Thom (Board Member)
  • Mike Hamm (Board Member)
  • Tracy Knight (Board Member)
  • Sandy Baker (Board Member)
  • Joe Doyle (Board Member)

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