Disability Network West Michigan: Hire an Individual with a Significant Disability to Lead Our “Consumer Controlled” CIL

To: Mike Hamm, Search Committee; Disability Network West Michigan Board of Directors

I am concerned about the recruitment process at Disability Network West Michigan. I heard that Susan was leaving her position as Executive Director from conversation at the MiSILC meeting and I had to make a considerable effort to find the posting. As you know, CILs are unique under the law because they are a model of the society we hope for; equality and justice for people with disabilities; and specifically equal opportunity, based on abilities, to jobs and economic self-sufficiency.

Also, when I did get the posting and job description, the was no reference to required knowledge and experience of the IL Movement, disability history and culture, disability civil rights legislation, current and local issues of concern to the disability community, or even experience working with people with significant disabilities. I believe the Board has an obligation to the law and the community to hire an individual with a significant disability to lead our “consumer controlled” CIL. 

I strongly recommend that Disability network West Michigan:

  • post the position on your website, in the local papers, at MRS, Michigan colleges, and other employment sites that have connections with qualified individuals with disabilities; and
  • re-write the job posting and description to include language that honors the CIL mission and philosophy.

Darma J. Canter

CC: John Wahlberg


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